CV114 - Stephen Gill — Alexis Desgagnés
CV114 - Stephen Gill — Alexis Desgagnés

CV114 - Stephen Gill — Alexis Desgagnés

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Ciel variable 114 - Masses | Monuments (Winter 2020)
Focus (Individual article, digital version)

Stephen Gill
Gill et les oiseaux : une déontologie photographique / Gill and the Birds: A Photographic Code of Ethics

By Alexis Desgagnés

On the threshold of my teenage years, my greatest passion was to observe birds. I spent countless hours, binoculars hung around my neck, prowling slowly, silently, through woods and meadows, looking out for a rare gem! When I was thirteen, a camera, a gift from my stepmother, replaced the binoculars, gradually turning my destiny from ornithology toward art. I still remember how surprised I was at my first photographs – of birds, of course. Photographed with a 50 mm lens, the birds in these pictures were simply indistinct points in vast landscapes. Quickly, my disappointment in these pathetic images gave way to a question, which seems today to have been the origin of my reflections on art: how does one photograph birds?...


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Bibliographical Reference

Alexis Desgagnés, "Stephen Gill, Gill et les oiseaux : une déontologie photographique", Ciel variable, no 114, Montréal, 2020, p. 54-61.

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