CV126 - SMITH : Outre – Jessica Ragazzini
CV126 - SMITH : Outre – Jessica Ragazzini

CV126 - SMITH : Outre – Jessica Ragazzini

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Ciel variable 126 - Trajectories (Summer 2024)
Exhibitions (Individual article, digital version)

SMITH , Outre
VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine, Montréal
23.11.2023 — 3.02.2024

— Jessica Ragazzini

The exhibition by artist SMITH at VOX embodies the multiple dimensions of the French word “outre”, bringing together various bodies of work that explore notions of transcendence, body intersubjectivity, and posthumanist thought. According to our contributor Jessica Ragazzini, SMITH is “establishing an alternative way to look at the concept of the living being” and proposing a profound reflection on social and carnal interactions.


Language : English & French
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Bibliographical Notice

Jessica Ragazzini, “SMITH, Outre” in Ciel variable, No. 126, “Trajectories”, Montreal, 2024, p. 82-83.


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