CV116 - Les Années musicales — Edward Pérez-González
CV116 - Les Années musicales — Edward Pérez-González

CV116 - Les Années musicales — Edward Pérez-González

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Ciel variable 116 - Landscapes as Mirrors (Winter 2021)  
Focus (Single Article, Digital Version)

Les Années musicales: 1920-2020
La dimension spatio-musicale devenue multiplicité | The Space-Music Dimension Becomes Multiplicity

By Edward Pérez-González

Taking as its subject a hundred years of connections between images and music, the exhibition Les années musicales offered the opportunity to become immersed in “another dimension,” in the view of Edward Pérez-González – that of multiplicity, which brings us face to face with the single and the multiple and reveals “rhizomatic systems ... constantly folding, refolding, and unfolding.” The exhibition, Pérez-González notes, “produces a sort of disorientation among spectators, a struggle between the desire to absorb everything at once and the desire to let ourselves be led, let ourselves flow, according to the rhythm or silence around us.” Pérez-González describes a visit experienced in several timespans – coming and going between the works, between images and sounds, between the present moment and time in suspense – leading to a “detemporalization of time.” From one artwork to the next, the “body-visitor-spectator” in its turn becomes multiplicity, activates an immaterial sphere, thus both inserting itself in and distancing itself from the rest of the world.


Language : French and English
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Bibliographical Reference

Edward Pérez-González, « Les Années musicales. The Space-Music Dimension Becomes Multiplicity », Ciel variable, no 116, Montréal, 2021, p. 54-61.


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