CV117 - Ron Jude, 12 Hz — Louis Perreault
CV117 - Ron Jude, 12 Hz — Louis Perreault

CV117 - Ron Jude, 12 Hz — Louis Perreault

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Ciel variable 117 - Shifted (Summer 2021) 
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12 Hz
Ron Jude
Londres, Mack Books, 2020, 128 p.

- Louis Perreault

Ron Jude’s photobook “vibrates on the table,” according to Louis Perreault, so utterly does the sensory experience offered overflow the edges of the images. In Perreault’s view, Jude, a fundamental figure in the publishing world, has innovated once again, and he also takes a new direction in his practice: here, the landscape is the subject, the narrative thread of the images is less influential, and the strategy turns to accumulation rather than juxtaposition. 12 Hz is like “a musical composition,” Perreault writes, “each image acting as a track added to the others, each vibrating at a different frequency. Like a composer at the mixing console, Jude adjusts the levels of each track, measuring out the abstraction, the textures, the reproduction of space and place.” The reference to low frequencies in the title suggests that sound wave are forces that shape landscapes, imperceptible movements that permeate the dark-toned images.


Language: French & English
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Bibliographical Reference

Louis Perreault, « Ron Jude, 12 Hz », Ciel variable, no 117, Montréal, 2021, p. 92-93.


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