CV118 - Emanuel Licha, zo reken — André Lavoie
CV118 - Emanuel Licha, zo reken — André Lavoie

CV118 - Emanuel Licha, zo reken — André Lavoie

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Ciel variable 118 - Exhibiting Photography (Fall 2021)
Exhibitions (Single Article, Digital Version)

Emanuel Licha, zo reken

By André Lavoie

After years of creating representations of war, Emanuel Licha immerses himself in a Haiti in constant struggle. His documentary zo reken, closer to linear film than his previous works, draws on both recorded and offscreen images. “This is a habitual posture for him, as he probes the subjective nature of our gaze,” notes André Lavoie. The insurrectional atmosphere in the Haitian capital is viewed through a double frame: that of the camera and that of the windows of a zo reken (literally, shark bone), as the 4x4 vehicles used by foreign powers and humanitarian organizations are called locally. “From within this vehicle, Haiti is revealed in a perfectly defined aesthetic offering, a gaze delineated as if the spectator were also shut into this closed space.”


Language : Frenchs and English
Digital Version : PDF, 708 Kb

Bibliographical Reference

André Lavoie, « Emanuel Licha, zo reken », Ciel variable, no 118, Montréal, 2021, p. 87-89.


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