CV121 - Cloud Album — Karen Henry
CV121 - Cloud Album — Karen Henry

CV121 - Cloud Album — Karen Henry

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Ciel variable 121 - Wanderings (Fall 2022
Focus (Individual article, digital version)

Cloud Album
Aux confins de la science et de l’art | At the Intersection of Science and Art

— Karen Henry

With its taxonomy of clouds and an “deluge” of images, the exhibition Cloud Album was based on the idea that “clouds, as early subjects of photographers, inspired an important confluence of science and art.” In this fairly exhaustive overview of the exhibition – including discussions of the technical photographs, the hanging, and even the architecture of the Polygon Gallery – Karen Henry observes that it was “ground[ed] in human life,” including its dark aspects, conveyed by images “of smoke polluting the air above factories and bomb trails criss-crossing above the landscape.” The fact that the contributors to the show were overwhelmingly male and Western, however, led Henry to imagine “different ways of seeing clouds ... possibly an excuse for another cloud exhibition.”


Language : English & French
Digital Version : PDF, 4,5 Mb

Bibliographical Notice

Karen Henry, “Cloud Album — At the Intersection of Science and Art” in Ciel variable, No. 121, “Wanderings”, Montreal, 2022, p. 66-73.


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