CV124 - Editorial + Introduction
CV124 - Editorial + Introduction
CV124 - Editorial + Introduction

CV124 - Editorial + Introduction

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Ciel variable 124 - Seeing Through Images (Fall 2023)
Introduction (Individual article, digital version)

Introductory Pages : Editorial, Table of Contents and Thematic Presentation

These are images that catch our attention and intensify our gaze. What they show us is clear and precise, and yet there is something we can’t place, something that encourages us to look more closely and to question the context of their production. In Nicolas Baier’s work, it is the materials, the fabrication processes, and the subjects addressed that raise questions. Thomas Demand substitutes for the referential details of mediatized events an open, meticulously reconstructed scene. And Adad Hannah includes within his images the traces of the labour underlying his compositions and recompositions.


Language : English & French
Digital Version : PDF, 8.1 Mb

Bibliographical Notice

Ciel variable, No. 124, “Seeing Through Images”, Montreal, 2023, p. 1-11.


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