CV117 - Isabelle Hayeur, (D)énoncer — Jean De Julio-Paquin
CV117 - Isabelle Hayeur, (D)énoncer — Jean De Julio-Paquin

CV117 - Isabelle Hayeur, (D)énoncer — Jean De Julio-Paquin

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Ciel variable 117 - Shifted (Summer 2021) 
Exhibitions (Individual Article, Digital Version)

Isabelle Hayeur, (D)énoncer

Plein sud, centre d’exposition en art actuel, Longueuil
Du 12 septembre 2020 au 27 février 2021

Salle Alfred-Pellan de la Maison des arts de Laval
Du 13 septembre 2020 au 7 mars 2021

Galerie d’art Antoine-Sirois de l’Université de Sherbrooke
Du 28 octobre 2020 au 13 mars 2021

- Jean De Julio-Paquin

An ambitious project in three cities, seventy photographs, six videos, a digital platform, and a monograph, (D)énoncer would have been a major social and political event. The triple exhibition summarizes Isabelle Hayeur’s practice and “reveals, in a dialectic relationship, the fractures between an ideal world and the real world,” notes Jean De Julio-Paquin. Although, in De Julio-Paquin’s view, it was a good idea to divide the programs into themes, the event as a whole “bear[s] witness to the degradation of ecosystems and its repercussions on the social fabric.” De Julio-Paquin dwells on each of the sections, points out Hayeur’s commitment to forms of small-scale resistance – James C. Scott’s concept of infra-politics – and observes that her quest “is not to find beauty or magnificent in devastation, but simply to capture the ambivalence of our relationship with the material world and with life.”


Language: French & English
Digital Version: PDF, 1.5 Mb

Bibliographical Reference

Jean De Julio-Paquin, « Isabelle Hayeur, (D)énoncer », Ciel variable, no 117, Montréal, 2021, p. 79-81.


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