CV122 - Indigenous Forced Displacement — Sophie Guignard
CV122 - Indigenous Forced Displacement — Sophie Guignard

CV122 - Indigenous Forced Displacement — Sophie Guignard

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Ciel variable 122 - Night Rounds (Winter 2023) 
Exhibitions (Individual article, digital version)

Indigenous Forced Displacement
Galerie FOFA, Montréal
26.06.2022 — 20.08.2022

— Sophie Guignard

This was the first time that the photographic project Inside Out, an initiative by the French artist JR inviting individuals and communities “to raise their social and political visibility,” came to Quebec. Several Indigenous Forced Displacement shows appeared, including the one displayed in the windows of the FOFA Gallery, discussed in this review. Composed of portraits of children, Kahnawà:ke residents, and people who spend time in Cabot Square in Montreal, the exhibition provides “visibility to the urban contemporary Indigenous presence.” “Faces of street people alternated with those of Kahnawà:ke residents, whose portrayals brought historical depth to the reflection on forced displacement,” writes Sophie Guignard. “[They] become the markers of their uninterrupted occupation of the urban space – an occupation that is, however, often rendered invisible in the face of contemporary issues that simmer below the surface.”


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Bibliographical Notice

Sophie Guignard, “Indigenous Forced Displacement” in Ciel variable, No. 122, “Night Rounds”, Montreal, 2023, p. 75-77.


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