CV122 - Ken Lum, Death and Furniture — Earl Miller
CV122 - Ken Lum, Death and Furniture — Earl Miller

CV122 - Ken Lum, Death and Furniture — Earl Miller

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Ciel variable 122 - Night Rounds (Winter 2023) 
Exhibitions (Individual article, digital version)

Ken Lum, Death and Furniture
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
25.06.2022 — 02.01.2023

— Earl Miller

Ken Lum, a portraitist inhabited by the words and themes of identity and labour, was granted a retrospective, titled Death and Furniture in reference to debates about realism and relativism. “The existence of death and furniture (or other concrete objects) forms a base argument against relativism by raising their inevitability and ubiquity as evidence of the non-debatable real,” writes Earl Miller. Works involving fictional obituaries and used couches sat near two series that did not deal with death but “imbu[ed] reality with relativism.” Miller lingers on this point, raising Lum’s propensity to exalt ordinary situations. These realities, “like death and furniture, are subject to personal (relativist) interpretation and deconstruction.”


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Bibliographical Notice

Earl Miller, “Ken Lum, Death and Furniture” in Ciel variable, No. 122, “Night Rounds”, Montreal, 2023, p. 86-87.


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