CV122 - Fragiles, Tendance Floue — Sophie Bertrand
CV122 - Fragiles, Tendance Floue — Sophie Bertrand

CV122 - Fragiles, Tendance Floue — Sophie Bertrand

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Ciel variable 122 - Night Rounds (Winter 2023) 
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Tendance Floue
Paris, éditions Textuel, 2022, 190 p.

— Sophie Bertrand

Tendance Floue, a collective of sixteen photographers, produces projects that aim “not so much to tell truths,” as Sophie Bertrand describes them, “as to ask questions about the world’s future.” Fragiles, a book that we “enter with care,” containing photographs ranging from humanist documentary to “intimate, poetic, and surrealistic genres,” proceeds from an approach based on dialogue; here, the subject is the fragility of the world as an asset. In Bertrand’s view, “The beautiful and the less beautiful intermingle, leaving us with mixed feelings of hope and despair about people on Earth, overwhelmed as we are with natural disasters and humanitarian crises.” “Fragiles could have been an activist work,” she concludes. “It is a book of resistance rather than resilience, an attempt to catch our breath in a world dominated by anxiety-producing thoughts.”


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Bibliographical Notice

Sophie Bertrand, “Fragiles” in Ciel variable, No. 122, “Night Rounds”, Montreal, 2023, p. 90-91.


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