CV122 - Santiago Tamayo Soler : Neón — Edward Pérez-González
CV122 - Santiago Tamayo Soler : Neón — Edward Pérez-González

CV122 - Santiago Tamayo Soler : Neón — Edward Pérez-González

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Ciel variable 122 - Night Rounds (Winter 2023) 
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Santiago Tamayo Soler : Neón
Tracing to Build: Concealing to Reveal | Retracer pour bâtir : voiler pour dévoiler

— Edward Pérez-González

Created with images culled from a virtual navigation service, the video Néon offers a fictive journey punctuated with stops at possible bars, motels, and garages, along the byways of an imaginary Colombia. Santiago Tamayo Soler modified his source documentation to create mysterious places and convey other realities. Showing them at night, he elevates them with neon signs. This made-up lighting is an invitation to see a landscape, or a region, in ways other than through its clichés and usual features. In his essay, Edward Pérez-González describes Tamayo Soler’s work as an infiltration of “semantic interstices,” as a quest to “wipe away impurities and signs of dilapidation,” as a search for the familiar in strangeness. “Tamayo Soler’s work is desire,” Pérez-González writes, “the desire to see the new emerge; the desire to provide visibility – not to reality but to the idea of a country that sleeps within it.”


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Bibliographical Notice

Edward Pérez-González, “Santiago Tamayo Soler: Neón — Tracing to Build: Concealing to Reveal” in Ciel variable, No. 122, “Night Rounds”, Montreal, 2023, p. 22-31.


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